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Secret Tips For Increasing Your Focus

focusWhy is it so difficult for us to stay completely focused on our short and long term goals and duties?

It is likely due to an overwhelming amount of information and stimulation that becomes quite distracting each day. This sensory overload can prevent us from going where we want in life.

It could also be that your goals and wants are not completely clear. This reduces your desire to truly focus.

A good friend of mine has played a crucial part in helping me put my attention towards my goals and priorities. My friend is named Martha and she hails from the Dominican Republic. Martha has repeated the same four word phrase to me for years now. Not only are her words memorable, but it’s truly the way she says them. While reading the following sentence, picture the words being said aloud by a female with a thick Spanish accent – “You must fuckus Wendy”. Indeed, it is spelled exactly like it sounds.

I grin every time I utter these words, and the people around me tend to laugh when I say it. In addition to putting me in a positive mood, it truly helps me focus! Three other crucial aspects come into play when focus and attentiveness are needed –

When you focus on goals, connect them to the Big Why. This means staying in tune with why you wish to meet your goals. It makes focusing a more simple task, and these leads to proactive behaviors and accomplishments.

Divide your important goals into small, easy to handle steps. When my clients want to change their career paths, they are more successful when they divide their goals up over the course of a week or so. By completing up to three small tasks every day, my clients move forward with their goals in an easy way.

Map out a structure and use it as a reminder of each specific step you want to work towards. With the example above, one of my clients sought out a bit more financial independence with a new job. I talked to her and asked if she could come up with something representative of her goal. She quickly mentioned a special piece of jewelry that was a gift from her mother. She wears this antique necklace around her neck to keep her desires and goals in mind. When things get difficult, the necklace serves as a reminder to focus and persevere.

Use a simple item like this to improve your focus. When you are able to increase your focus, you also increase your chances of fulfilling your important goals.

If you want my good friend Martha to remind you to “fuckus”, I’ll see if she can give you a call.

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Tips for Building a Brand

brand-buildingA brand is only more than a logo and a slogan. Building a brand is the method for characterizing your business and speaking with the outside and inside gathering of people. You have to be diagnostic and patient amid the marking procedure. In this article, we will examine certain tips that will help you make a hearty brand.

Characterize your image

Before beginning, survey the item or administration you are putting forth and discover the space it involves in the business sector. Research on the needs of clients and perceive how you can emerge in the opposition. You must recognize the message you need to pass on and convey it in a succinct manner.

Arranging is exceptionally imperative to make a brand. Ask yourself the following questions.

  • What is your objective?
  • Who is your intended interest group?
  • What picture would you like to summon in the client’s psyche?

Taking these questions into consideration will help you make your brand.

Know the demographics of clients
Distinguishing the demographics of clients is crucial to manufacturing an effective brand. The data will influence estimating, advancement and bundling of your item. The demographic profile of the intended interest group will help you distinguish their decisions and tailor your item likewise.

Perceive your qualities and shortcomings
It is vital to assess your qualities and shortcomings. Knowing them will help you reinforce your business over the long haul. Deal with your shortcomings and discover approaches to overcoming them. Additionally, you have to keep up straightforwardness in your business and be fair to your workers and speculators.

Connect with your clients
Your clients hold the way to your prosperity. To make brand mindfulness and spread your vision, associate with your clients. Utilize the force of social networking to achieve a scope of the crowd. Join your specialty groups and make a contact base.

Know the business and contenders
It is critical to know the business and the contenders. Research on the items and administrations of your opponents. Discover how you can do things another way from them. Understanding your rivals will help you separate yourself in the business and make an interesting brand character.

Be predictable
Be predictable with your brand over all stages. Irregularity can imprint the picture of your business in the business and put off clients. Just when you are steady, you can fabricate a solid picture in the market.The longer you are reliable, the more probable it is for clients to perceive your image.

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3 Reasons to Be FCA Authorised

FCA – It is a new system responsible for the regulation of financial services in the UK, with the main objective of protecting and improving the country’s economy. This has been included in the UK’s Financial Services Act of 2012.

The focus of FCA revolves around these three things:

  • Maintenance of the integrity of the financial market.
  • Regulation of financial service firms to provide the consumers a fair deal.
  • Ensuring a healthy competition among the financial services market.

In line with these objectives, here are three reasons for the need to be FCA authorized.

  1. It is a requirement. In order for individuals and firms to conduct any financial service activity in UK, they need to be FCA authorized. Financial service businesses have certain standards to meet and the role of FCA is to ensure that these standards are being maintained. FCA has the power to fine or stop the operation of those businesses if they are found to be noncompliant to the requirements set and given by this body.
  1. It serves as a check and balance for the financial service businesses. Most people engage in businesses like these to provide service to the people and to gain profits at the same time. However, in the process, some firms have leaned towards the financial growth side of business and have neglected the service-to-the-people side. This scenario can be avoided today with the help of FCA. It regularly monitors financial service businesses and would only approve an individual or firm to be fit to continue the business if the following criteria are met:
    1. There is honesty, integrity and good reputation in transacting business.
    2. There is competence and capability to deliver what the business promised to provide.
    3. There is financial soundness.
  1. It motivates one to be better. The individual or firms authorized by FCA to engage in the financial service business is expected to grow in all aspects for the following reasons:
    1. The business will flourish. As the consumers feel protected, they will engage in the services of these individuals and firms and in return, these businesses will gain profits. The economy will also be positively affected.
    2. The competition among businesses will inspire the individuals and firms to be more efficient, be more helpful to the customers and be better in their overall performance.

In summary, FCA authorisation UK benefits the consumers, the financial service businesses, the economy, and the country as a whole.





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