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Tips for forex traders

A risk that can go both ways

As is the case with investments, forex trading can go either way. It is quite probable that the currency you hold on to increase in value by many folds and you end up attaining a substantial amount of profit. However, you can never rule out the possibility that things would go against you and the currency you possess devalues drastically, which would lead to a significant loss of your investment.

However, like every other trade and investment, there is a particular approach and a certain set of tips that can ensure you do not have to face a loss every so often. This is what we are going to discuss now. We are going to present you with a few tips, following which you would find it easier to get your bearings in forex trading.

The tips to follow

The first thing you need to understand is that investment is not something you can plan as you proceed. You need to have a clear idea in your mind. You need to formulate a proper plan before you venture into the field. Before you invest your money, you should be clear with regards to the approach you intend to adopt. Do you want to follow the method of day trading or is the open position in the market better for you? The method of trade that you adopt should be in line with the way your brain works.

Once you have selected a method for your trade, you need to find a forex trading broker. The broker that you select should be one who is able to put you at ease. He should be someone who would be able to put all your doubts to rest and make you comfortable. At the same time, he should also offer you the trading platform which is of your understanding. Adequate research in this regard would prove to be rather helpful.

You need to be consistent in your approach. Most people tend to commit the mistake that if their trade fails for the first time, they switch their method. You need to give things some time to work out. With time, you would gain a better understanding of the market, but this would only happen if you give it some time.

Keep a check on your expectancy, which would tell you the reliability of your system. Analyze all the trades that you conducted in the past to determine which were successful and which culminated in a loss.

Use every success you get with your plan to build up your confidence. Do not forget the success that you managed to attain when you followed a certain plan as this would give you a boost in confidence when you proceed forward

Do not rest easy on the weekends. Use that time to keep yourself up to date with the latest developments and keep a printed record of all the trades you make.guida_trading

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Clever Leaflet Distribution Tips That You Probably Haven’t Tried Yet

So you’re already on the leafleting method? That’s great! But you might be missing out on few tips that may help you maximize your efforts even further. Here are some more tips from Essex Distributions that you could use to make sure that leaflet distribution will work out for you.







Stock Control Your Leaflets

You would think that in order to make leafleting work for you, you’d have to hand out as many as you can, but you should know just how much is enough. This will maximize the ones that are already out and save unnecessary expenses. Why print 1000 copies if you know more than half won’t be distributed?

Support Or Sponsor An Event

Events gather people, which could be potential clients. By sponsoring or supporting events, it will give you opportunity to distribute your flyers to those who will attend. You could even be allowed to display some of your leaflets while the event is ongoing.

Plan Your Travel

If you’re thinking about distributing flyers to different locations, which would mean you’ll have to spend more fuel and time. Therefore, you’d want to plan your route strategically. So that you won’t be going back and forth if you can just drive straight. Also, know which spots your leaflets are more likely to be paid attention to. So you won’t be wasting copies on places you know you don’t have that much potential clients.

Time Your Distribution

There will be instances where you’ll have to be conscious of the time you do your drop. Like, if it’s a promo on a product with expiration date, then you’re gonna have to do it weeks or months before that. Or if it’s a school opening, then ideally your drops should be around school term breaks.

Distribute To Influencers

Watching out for and building a relationship with people who have a lot of followers, like community leaders and the likes, will be an advantage for you. Since their followers already trust them, then anything that they endorse will be supported as well. Therefore, if you hand out leaflets to these influencers, you get a higher chance of getting a response.


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Top 10 Best Filing Methods

Companies handle hundreds of transactions every day. This could either be internal or external transactions. For each transactions, documents are produced and a copy is save for future reference in the office. Aside from documents, credentials, notes and resources are also stored in the office. To organize these huge quantity of files, offices implement a filing method and use lever arch files which come in different designs, colors and sizes. By having a filing method, employees can easily access specific files when needed. There are different kinds of filing methods. Below are considered the top 10 best filing methods known worldwide.



  1. Alphabetical – This is considered as the most popular and easy to use filing method. The files are arranged alphabetically using the names (company names, product names or brand) or titles (titles of resources like books, magazines or articles) in the documents.
  2. Numeric – Just like the term, this filing system uses numbers to identify files. Each file is assigned to a unique number code where a master list is used as a guide to retrieve specific file. Many offices also choose this type of filing system.
  3. Terminal Digit – Terminal filing is similar to numeric filing in which it also uses numbers. The big difference is that the numeric filing starts from left to right of the numbers while terminal starts at the opposite end. The advantage of this type of filing is it allows flexibility that new files can be added easily without changing the old files number designation.
  4. Subjective – Subjective filing uses topics or subjects of the files to arrange them. Since some files can have two or more subjects, this filing system is harder to categorize compared to other methods. Most find this method expensive to maintain as well.
  5. Miscellaneous – There are files which are either not important to file or will only be stored for a short amount of time. Miscellaneous filing is a perfect method for this kind of files. The files do not affect the arrangement of other files while still being organized and easy to access.
  6. Geographical – Geographic filing divides several lever arch files by country, region then state or province. Then subdivisions often use alphabetical filing. These are often used by national and multinational companies to separate documents from each country and location.
  7. Chronological – Chronological filing uses date as the primary basis for division. This type of filing method is usually applied for billing statements or cancelled checks. Banks use this method for files with little reference made for such record after the transaction.
  8. Priority – Priority are often used by offices which handle multiple projects. Projects are organized in terms of priority to determine which project requires immediate attention.
  9. Color Coding – Color coding has become popular as a filing method. It gives life to the organized files and files can easily be traced using the color coding.
  10. Source – Source are often used as a filing method for offices where employees provide materials of similar content. This allow the management to trace the source of the file in case of revision or simply inform the source about the status of the file.

When choosing a filing method for the office files, it is important to base your decision on the nature of files present and circulated in the office. Great quality lever arch files will make a perfect fit to organize the files and keeping them safe.

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Portable Air-Conditioning for the Office

The office is one of the places where productivity should always be at a maximum. There are many different departments inside an office and each of these departments plays a key role in the overall function of a company. When one of these departments fails to achieve the standard set by other departments, a backlog of paperwork and tasks will ensue. This would result to less work getting done and failure to finish projects and meet deadlines on time. One way to ensure that the entire workplace would function efficiently is by using a portable air-conditioning system, click here for reviews…

Benefits of Using Portable Air Conditioning Systems in the Office

There are many benefits of installing a portable air-conditioning system in the office. The first benefit is that hardware inside the office would not experience accidental overheating. As with everything that runs on electricity, computers and other office hardware are prone to overheating. The main culprit behind this is the temperature inside the workplace. Installing a portable air-conditioning system would reduce high temperatures and thus prevent any accidental overheating and subsequently, accidental loss of files. This is also related to the second benefit which is a more conducive workplace.

A more conducive workplace is a result of many factors, including the temperature inside the room. By having a portable ACU, the temperature can be lowered to optimal levels resulting to more efficient employees. Additionally, employees will also be less agitated because of the heat.

The third benefit of using a portable ACU is the installation. Installing a traditional ACU requires hard work because it involves drilling and electrical work. On the other hand, a portable ACU can be used by simply plugging it to an outlet and installing the exhaust vent out of a window.

Portable Air-Conditioning Systems vs. Fixed Air-Conditioning Systems

There are many advantages of using a portable air-conditioning unit instead of a fixed air-conditioning unit. As mentioned previously, installation would be much easier. A fixed or traditional ACU requires drilling holes, checking for piping, and dealing with electrical systems. All these tasks are laborious and dangerous and a company would have to hire experts to perform these. An HVAC contractor doesn’t come cheap and any modifications or additions to the current electrical system or piping would bump up the price even more.

On the other hand, the only thing that will need to be done in order to use a portable ACU is the installation of the exhaust vent. Installation of an exhaust vent is easy and can be done by simply following the instructions written inside the included manual.

The second and third advantages of using a portable air-conditioning system are its price and mobility. Portable air-conditioning units are cheaper than fixed air-conditioning units. Additionally, they come in different sizes to accommodate the different needs of customers. This is also related to their mobility aspect. As their name implies, portable ACUs are mobile and can be transferred to different places with relative ease. They also have a non-destructive installation process — meaning that rooms will not be altered or be inconvenienced when these units are installed or removed. Fixed air-conditioning units, on the other hand, require drilling into walls with some units even requiring a large piece of cement to be removed.

What’s more, there are more portable ACUs to choose from nowadays, so if your office is a bit cramped, you are sure to still find a model that won’t take up so much floor space.

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Personal Injury Law, What is there to know?

Whether you have recently suffered a personal injury or are just curious to learn more about this important area of law, there are likely many questions that you would like to have answered. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about personal injury law courtesy of Mullowney’s Personal Injury Lawyers:

What is personal injury?

Personal injury is any physical or emotional harm suffered by because of someone else’s negligence. There are many incidents that can fall under the class of personal injury. Some common examples include pedestrian accidents, slip and fall accidents, assault, sexual assault, sexual abuse, medical malpractice, wrongful death, or insurance disputes. This is not an exhaustive list, as a personal injury can be any incident that results in emotional harm, physical injury, or death. If you have fallen victim to any of these incidents, it is important to contact a personal injury lawyer right away. Schedule a free consultation for advice about your legal options.

I was in an accident but now I’m fine. I don’t need a personal injury lawyer, do I?

The tricky thing about accidents is you don’t always notice the effects right away. Even if you can walk away from the scene of the accident feeling fine, you may end up with lingering effects that affect your quality of life for weeks, months, or even years after the incident. Additionally, the statute of limitations expires in Ontario after two years. This is why it’s very important to act fast and consult a personal injury lawyer right away, even if you feel ok after an incident.

What are damages?

Damages are the legal term for what is owed to you by the offending party because of their role in your injury. Damages are meant to cover things like medical expenses or lost wages if you missed work to recuperate. These losses, known as pecuniary damages, can easily be calculated, but what about losses that have nothing to do with money? Non-pecuniary or general damages try to translate non-monetary damages like pain and suffering into a dollar amount.

How can I recover damages?

Your personal injury lawyer will fight for you and attempt to recover damages from the person or people who were responsible for your injury. Your lawyer will attempt to find the most ideal solution for you depending on the specific details of your case, the quality or quantity of evidence against the defendant and a variety of other factors. This may mean settling with the other party out of court, or it may mean progressing the case to court for a judge to decide.

How do I pay for my lawyer?

Personal injury lawyers offer a variety of pay structures. With personal injury, it is common to choose a contingency fee-based retainer. This means that your lawyer will not get paid unless your case is successful. Should your lawyer find a successful resolution to your case, they will be compensated with an agreed-upon percentage of the recovered damages. Before you choose a lawyer, it is important to investigate the financing options and choose the one that makes the most sense for your particular needs. Many personal injury lawyers are willing to work with you to find a cost-effective solution that works for all parties.

How long does it take?

Each and every personal injury case is different, so it is not possible to foresee how long it will take your particular case to resolve. More complex cases often take longer to resolve than cases that appear to be straightforward, but even this rule doesn’t always hold true. The important thing to note is that your personal injury lawyer wants to resolve the case as quickly as possible (with the most diligent attention), so you can get back to your life instead of worrying about the stress of this incident. Your lawyer will keep your informed at every stage of your case so you are an informed and active participant.

How do I choose the best personal injury lawyer?

Not all personal injury lawyers are created equal, so it’s very important to choose the best one possible if you want to find a quick and satisfactory resolution to your case. The best personal injury lawyer will have experience, knowledge, qualifications, and specialization in this tricky area of law. The best personal injury lawyer is caring, attentive, and puts the client first.

Hopefully these answers help clarify some of the most frequently asked questions regarding personal injury law.


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Importance of Having an Embroidered Corporate Clothing for Your Business

Providing your employees with embroidered clothing for their uniform may be a great investment that yields priceless returns.

  1. Having embroidered corporate clothing cultivates a strong sense of pride among your employees.

Having embroidered corporate clothing for your business will give your employees a strong sense of belongingness. They will feel proud. They will feel that they are part of something great.

  1. Embroidered corporate clothing improves your brand recognition.

Having embroidered corporate clothing is free marketing for your business. It will improve your brand recognition. Having your company logo embroidered on your employees’ corporate attire is a great way to make your company known to many people.

  1. Embroidered corporate clothing gives your employees a polished and professional look.

You want your employees to look good when they face your clients. Embroidered corporate clothing will make your employees look more professional and polished. As a result, they will be more confident in dealing with your clients. This will also increase the your clients’ level of trust and confidence for your employees.

  1. Embroidered corporate clothing will save your employees money.

Your employees will save a lot of money and time when you provide embroidered corporate clothing for them. They do not have to take time to decide what to wear every day. They also do not have to buy expensive office clothes to look good and presentable.

  1. Embroidered corporate clothing will save you money.

Embroidered corporate clothing will save you money because you do not have to provide clothing allowance to your employees.

You can use embroidered corporate clothing as office uniform or you can use it during special corporate events. But, here are some of the things that you should consider in choosing an embroidered corporate clothing supplier:

  1. You have to choose a supplier who has a good reputation.

Check out customer reviews. You also need to look at the clientele of your potential embroidered corporate clothing supplier. If the supplier has big companies as clients, then, they must be really good.

  1. Choose a supplier that gives you good value for your money.

It is important to consider your budget in choosing the right supplier for your company. Choose the one who can give you more for a specific price.

  1. Great customer service.

Pick an embroidered clothing supplier who has great customer service, are a great example. Your supplier must be willing to work with you from the design to the production process.

Providing embroidered corporate clothing to your employees is a great investment. It improves your brand recognition, it’s free marketing, and it boosts the morale of your employee

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Employee Gym Membership: A Great Way to Increase Productivity

Have you ever worked for a company that offers free gym memberships to its employees? Well if you have, then the first thing you probably would have noticed is the strange radiance of your officemates. They probably have that positive, life-is-good aura around them. You would also notice how focused they are and how seriously they tackle their tasks — albeit with a still good mood.

Suffice to say that health plays an important role in people’s lives. It greatly affects how good one can perform daily tasks and face challenges. Whether you want to admit it or not, the truth is that the worse your health is, the less productive you become. Even if you enjoy eating your favorite slice of pizza three times a day, it would prove ineffective when your distraught or caught in that “I need to figure this out” moment.

Daily exercise and being physically fit are great factors that can greatly affect how you perform at work. Studies show that employees who have regular exercise perform much better and are less stressed than those who don’t exercise regularly. The reason behind this is that movement in the body is one form of recovery. The body is not structured for prolonged periods of sitting but for strenuous movement of the muscles and body parts. When you move, your brain lights up and is stimulated as well.

Having regular exercise would surely increase productivity for any employee. Having a gym membership available for your employees would not only guarantee a happier individual but a surprisingly reliable and effective employee as well.

Having a free gym membership provided by a company makes it a win-win for both the employer and the employees. The staff would get to work out since they have that privilege given by their company, and the company would have quality results from their very productive employees.

At the end of the day, an individual needs to be healthy and in tip-top shape to be able to give his or her best performance at work. Even if you have the motivation to do what you want, that can only take you so far. Providing free gym memberships would produce great results and increase productivity within a company. For employers, having a staff who are physically and mentally fit will boost the company’s overall productivity and increase efficiency. Thus, any way you look at it, providing gym membership for employees would be a great investment.

It’s also an option to install a elliptical at the office, companies in the US are big on having Gyms in offices. Choose wisely, this best elliptical machines 2015 review is a good read and looks good!


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Protect Your Future by Investing in Gold IRA

Because of the economy’s unpredictability, you are probably looking for a way to secure your finances. Well, you are not alone. A lot of individuals and organizations want to build a solid investment portfolio so they can keep up with inflation and protect themselves from the topsy-turvy condition of the economy. They normally invest in real estate or in the stock market to achieve these goals.

However, these investment vehicles have experienced setbacks in recent years and are very unreliable. It seems the economic landscape we have right now is not conducive to investing.

Luckily, a golden solution was found.

The Golden Solution

The number of people investing in precious metals is continuously increasing. This is because the value of these metals normally moves in the opposite direction of other assets, e.g. stocks and bonds. So, these investors are setting up a cushion for their portfolios in case an economic downturn happens again.

Additionally, while the prices of real estate and stocks have plummeted in recent years, the price of gold (and other precious metals) is on a steady climb. A good proof for this is the 700% increase it experienced from 2001-2011. In just 10 years, the value of gold jumped from $271 to $1,896 per ounce.

Gold and Your Retirement Plan

Current legislation allows Gold Backed Ira. This type of IRA lets you own physical platinum, palladium, silver and gold instead of “paper” assets, e.g. bonds or stocks. That means you have the option to turn your retirement plan into gold right now.


However, gold coins or bars have to meet certain criteria before they can be included in an IRA. First, they must meet IRS fineness standards. Second, they must be kept by an IRA trustee instead of the owner. These coins or bars will be deposited in a storage approved by the IRS.

So, if you decide to add gold into your retirement plan, you can’t really keep them inside your house (under your bed).

Finding the Right IRA Custodian

Since you can’t store the gold personally, it is important to find the right company who will keep it for you. Here are some things you need to consider when looking for an IRA Custodian:

  • Qualifications – You should make sure that the company you are dealing with has the required registration and licenses.
  • Versatility – The custodian must be able to cope with your needs. It is difficult to transact with a company that uses a one-size-fits-all policy.
  • Track Record – Your retirement plan is at stake so make sure to do your own background investigation regarding the custodian to ensure that your gold is safe.

Keep these in mind to guarantee that you will benefit from investing in gold IRA.

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The Best Way to Improve the Security of your Office

Professional individuals can make their services more accessible and interesting for their target clients and customers in the community if they have a private office on their commercial and residential facilities where they can accommodate those who are in need of their services any time. But their offices should always be equipped with high tech and reliable locking systems to ensure that their hidden financial assets and other private properties that can be found on it will never be exploited by thieves and strangers who are willing steal the properties of other people just to ensure that they will be able to fight the negative effects of poverty.

A professional individual who wants to have a perfect and well-secured workstation should never hesitate to look for a reliable locksmith that offers commercial services. Commercial local locksmiths will always be the best solution to all problems of a professional individual who really wants to ensure that a private office or workstation will never be accessible for strangers and other people except for the owner and the other individual who will be permitted by the proprietor to enter. Such service works excellently in providing the best type of locking system that will fit to the needs and interest of a professional individual who always want to have a safe work station every day and night.

Only a trusted locksmith company can offer such type of service to those who really want to ensure that their private assets of their offices will never be stolen and exploited by other people especially by those who want to ruin their future and career. Commercial locksmith was designed to showcase the most advanced and reliable set of locking systems that can never be destroyed and unlocked by a stranger once activated. It is something that can provide peace of mind and maximum satisfaction to an individual who always want to be able to sleep more comfortably at night without worrying about something.

Professional individuals will surely appreciate the fact that this type of locksmith service can make great changes to the level of security in a commercial establishment where private offices and important things are always available and meant to be secured properly as the time goes by. It is something that will never disappoint an individual who wants to discover the different examples of innovative locking systems that can be used to ensure that an office will never be accessible for someone who’s not authorized to enter in it.

It’s where a professional individual will be able to learn more about the advantages and benefits of providing innovative locking systems to an office that’s meant to be used as a venue for important business transactions every day. An individual will never be tempted to exploit all things that can be found in an office unless it’s always well-secured and equipped with top class locking systems that can never be compared to ordinary pad locks and other alternative locks for commercial and residential facilities in terms of performance and reliability.

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Private retirement planning: Fixed-income Investments as an additional pension

Geneve Invest

When the time comes to retire, sometimes pensions and savings are not enough; old-age poverty has become a real issue. Accurate and up-to-date portfolio and management is the key to success when it comes to retirement planning. According to numerous studies, on average 42 percent of the working population fear that the state pension will not cover their future living costs, and the self-employed are not an exception. At least one in every ten freelancers will not have enough funds to sustain themselves by retirement age.

With that in mind, people are looking for financial investments that can give them a financial cushion as they hit retirement age. According to the portfolio manager of the Swiss asset manager Genève Invest Europe, “considering the inflation rate, life insurances and fixed deposits are not always the secure way to go when beginning retirement planning. In addition, grant-aided privately funded pension schemes can be just as risky”. These assertions have been back up by recent studies by several independent private institutions.

Fixed-income investments, as an additional source of income to a private pension plan, have become a feasible option for senior investors. Financial experts confirm that these types of investments are an attractive alternative to the standard fixed deposits offered by banks.

“with fixed-income investments one can expect relatively secure returns of 7-8 percent per annum. Fixed-income specialists of Genève Invest are able 6to invest client’s assets in corporate bonds of larger-scale companies, so they can be guaranteed to receive a fixed interest return.”

“For each corporate bond, the respective company who issues the security guarantees a fixed yearly interest coupon payout, as well as the redemption of the capital at par value at the end of the maturity term. Our fixed-income specialists consider the current situation of the corporate bond market attractive if you obtain continuous opportunities for new insights.”

Investment periods of 3 to 10 years, and the yield attainable, are the most crucial investment characteristics, when Genève Invest asset managers are constructing individual portfolios for their clients.

“During the investment term the capital invested is by no means blocked, since the corporate bonds can be sold at any time for the market price. Moreover, the interest payments can be siphoned off or reinvested.”

There is clearly a major advantage in fixed income securities in terms of private retirement planning. When developing an asset management plan, the portfolio managers at Genève Invest suggest looking further in to this option.

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