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Cleaning 101 For Every Office Out There To Live By

office cleaningPractice Being Organised

To avoid dealing with a messy desk is m have a system that you have to exercise all the time. Don’t just dump everything on top of your desk or shove things in the first drawer that you see. For your files, use a filing cabinet and separate them depending on their specific purpose; filing in alphabetic order helps too.

Restrooms Should Always Be Disinfected

A lot of people don’t like to touch anything when they use a communal restroom because they know that it can be a breeding ground for a lot of germs. What more if the rest room is visibly dirty? People won’t enter altogether. So the office rest room should be thoroughly scrubbed clean every day because workers are sharing it all day. The toilet bowl, counter and sink, as well as the floors have to be disinfected. Not to forget to refill tissue rolls and liquid soap dispensers regularly without waiting for anyone to scream that they’re out of any while using the rest room.

Know How To Maintain Electronic Devices

Part of office cleaning is the maintenance of the electronic devices since every worker is relying on those to perform their daily tasks. Though the office probably hires professionals like ICS to do that on a regular basis, it’s still good to know how clean those to avoid malfunctions due to dirt build up or do simple repairs in case something goes wrong before their scheduled checkups.

Keep The Break Room Spotless

Just because it’s called a break room doesn’t mean all of you can slack on keeping it mess-free, especially since food is stored here. Have a disposal system for the refrigerator, everything after lunch break should be cleaned too (i.e. tables, chairs, etc.), dishes have to be washed daily, and the microwave has to be free of any leftovers from heating and reheating food at the end of the day.

Take The Trash Out Everyday

Aside from having trash cans full of trash being stuck all week being unsightly, it also causes foul odor to build up as well as germs and bacteria to breed in there. So make sure everybody makes it a habit to take their trash out before heading out for the day.



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