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Cycling Injury Lawyers: Frequently Asked Question About Cycling Accident Claims

cycle accident claimCan I Actually File For A Claim?

If you are confused seek the help of a solicitor from a cycling solicitor at Osbornes or read this article. The answer is yes, if you had an accident within 3 years. You may push for injury and financial losses in case you had an accident while biking. However, the answer would be no, if it has been over 3 years since the accident happened.

What Can I Claim For?

You can claim for your lost earnings, in case the accident rendered you unable to make a living or go to work. Also for the bicycle repair, and other expenses from the damaged bike and injury like, treatment costs, care and assistance, even travel costs.

What Are The Things That I Need To Make A Claim?

If you’re making a claim, you’ll need proof to support that. So you have to make sure you prepare the estimate for the repair costs/pre-accident value, photographs of the bicycle, original purchase receipt, as well as other receipts from other expenses like physiotherapy sessions and taxi fare.

How Long Does It Take?

Making claims takes time, so you should expect a couple of months or even longer. But you can ask your cycling injury lawyer if you want a better estimation. He’ll be able to tell you then that it depends on the nature of the accident and extend of your injury. Simple claims could take 2-6 months while complex ones could go on for about a year or more.


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