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Most Risky Professions In Britain

Circus Performer

We know circus acts are rehearsed many times already but even with all those practice, a lot can go wrong. A trainer failing to control one tiger, being stabbed or accidently shot by a clown are just one of the risks. They spend many years training in stage schools in london, to then go on to specialse as a Cirus Performer. circus-performers_1215970a

Tree Surgeon

When you hear surgeon, you’d think saving lives. Well in case of tree surgeons, they may be saving trees but they could be putting their own lives at risk. However it is a service we all need Kings Cuts Trees.4575314163

Window Cleaner

If you ever wonder how those tall buildings manage to keep their windows clean, well there are people who actually clean those windows for a living. Exciting? Not if you have to be hanging up there just to wipe dust or dirt with just a harness but without safety net.Window-Cleaning


The high of fulfillment that you were able to save trapped people from a burning house is probably the reason why firemen devote themselves to this job. But we gotta admit that it’s not a job just anyone can take.article-2639939-1E26362C00000578-268_634x478


If you’re the one in the family who always climbs the roof when there’s something that needs to be fixed, you know how annoying it is plus you’re probably familiar with how bad knees can shake. Heights are no joke; imagine having that as your job that you have to do every day.



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