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What does a basic CRB check show?

The Disclosure and Barring Services includes multiple types of checks or screenings, among which the basic CRB check is one of them. Also known as the Basic Police Check, it is considered as the lowest form of disclosure screening for evaluating and screening the current criminal records and convictions. The police forces and several government agencies are knocked to get the information.

Can you apply for the Basic Criminal Records Check?

There is a list of individuals with job roles and duties who can apply for the basic CRB. They include:

  • It is basically available to everyone who is a resident of the UK or has lived in the country at least for once.
  • In case you are a self employed, you can demand for the basic criminal records screening.
  • Visa applications ask for the records as well
  • In case you are volunteering for a work, the basic criminal record check is a must.
  • When you get a new job, you will be asked for the basic criminal screening.
  • The pre-employment vetting requires the screening.
  • When you seek for tenancy, the landlord might demand a basic criminal check certificate.

How do you get a basic disclosure certificate?

You can get your Basic DBS check following two options that are available. They are:

  1. You apply for the check directly to the DBS. The process is online.
  2. You apply for the Basic Disclosure screening via the registered organization or the employer.

Your documents get verified

In order to acquire the basic CRB checking service certificate, you are required to complete an online form. In case, you want to carry out the basic CRB disclosure screening for another person, you need to have a written permission in order to execute it. Your identity proofs are verified. In order to get the verifications done, you need to email the ID document copies.

Send documents as per the Acceptable ID List

One of the document copies that you sent must display your current address. Moreover, one of the ID documents must also reflect your date of birth. There is an “Acceptable ID list” in accordance to which you need to send the documents. In case, you fail to provide the copies of identity proof as per the “Acceptable ID List”, the basic Disclosure check application cannot be processed under any circumstances.

Have you filled the online application form correctly?

If you have the filled the online application in the very first stage incorrectly, there is every chance that your basic Disclosure check gets rejected. Providing wrong ID documents can also result in delays and even rejection of the whole application process as a whole can be completely rejected. In cases when there are cancellations or rejections of the applications, there are administration charges that are applied.

In case, your application gets a pass, within a stipulated time frame, you will receive your Basic Disclosure Certificate check to your mailing address as mentioned in the form.

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